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TT platform for brokers
Top Trader it is a unique communication project with endless opportunities for participants of the financial and commodity markets. Closer communication between traders, brokerage companies, banks, private investors will increase the activity of participants, give new opportunities to newcomers, and increase the potential of the best players.
Increasing capital turnover
By increasing the number of transactions and the quality of money management, you increase your profitability
New management tool
Your managers will receive a new tool for attracting customers and increasing sales, opening new accounts, and investing.
Turnkey project
The interface of your web resource, with your logo, featured design, and contacts.
Programming and automation of trading ideas and trader strategies (creating trading robots and script programming).
Trading solutions library
Accessing the library of trading solutions and ideas for numerous financial and commodity markets.
Stream TV (online television).
Ample opportunities to promote your company Opportunities for traders to sell their trading strategies, Regular broadcasting with reviews of the most pressing topics in the global financial markets.
Webinars university
Training programs, webinars for emerging traders, and advanced training for experienced traders.
Attracting new institutional investors, hedge funds and private capital to financial markets through your company
Competition of traders.
Holding competitions among traders. Drawing attention to nominations
Selling of trading strategies
The opportunity to sell any strategies created by your traders and the best traders from around the world.
Increasing profits
Any activity of a trader in the TOPTRADER digital space via your web resource will increase your income.
Best Financial Social Network
Any activity of a trader in the TOPTRADER digital space via your web resource will increase your income.
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Fill out the broker registration form on the Top Trader project and get access to the profile on the Top Trader project
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Conduct a test connection with our technical specialist, providing the data specified in the SOFTWARE PLATFORM ACCESS AND USE AGREEMENT
Step 4
After successfully filling out the checklist for connection in test mode, the connection shall be switched to production mode and become active in all business processes of the platform
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